Monday, June 05, 2006

Turtle fornication makes me happy. It makes sense to me to swim around in a big blue world looking for love. It makes sense to have a shell to hide in on a bad day.

Saturn is still on my ass. All notes here will be laced with slight bitterness.

I enjoyed the children very much tonight until I tried to put them to bed, then they became horrid beasts.

My sink right now at the new/old house is on the front lawn. It is right next to the butterfly bush I planted for Dr. Peter. I wish there were butter sink flies.
A sink on front lawn does not bother the contractor, he seems happy to smoke in my house and throw sinks out the window. Tonight I saw him light a cigarette with a blow torch---I am taking up smoking for this reason alone.

Tonight I want to be Mina Loy, with long black gloves and an air of confidence. I want to have all my books written and not be at the mercy of printer who does not want to work for me. I want black gloves and a cigarette lit by a blow torch.
Or I want to be here, watching the turtles find their way. Posted by Picasa


Ali Davis said...

I thought at first you wrote, Satan, get off my ass.

That would work too, I think.

LitByFire said...

Oh to light a cigarette with a blowtorch and throw the sink out the window. if you dont use this can I have it?

Erin B. said...

I thought you drank beer & wrote books. Milk's good too, I guess, but I've not yet heard of a milk buzz.

Best with Saturn & children. Turtles I dig. Carapace.