Thursday, March 01, 2007

We are suppose to get 16 inches of snow today and I got to call my first “snow day” at work and all the children had to stay home, which made me feel a bit like a king you shall not venture out into the weather.

On my way to have breakfast with my love, I passed a house that had a ten foot snow sculpture penis in the front yard. I know it’s a frat house but I still wanted to pull over and sculpt a dog taking a leak on their snow balls... yet I had to get to breakfast. I have the talent but I just don’t have the time. I think THAT should be printed on a T-Shirt for me to wear everyday.

At breakfast the man behind me said, “My first wife was named Joy and when she left I didn’t have any” which almost threw me into a fit of giggles, causing me to blow french toast out my nose. True Ballard fact: I'm always listening to conversations around me and not to any I am actually HAVING which makes me a horrible love most of the time but I am trying to make up for it other ways.

Hey, maybe I’ll make a sculpture out on the front lawn!


tom said...

my daughter in the Cities said they got hit hard. Heard the closed the roads in Southern Minnesota. Here in Atlanta for the AWP we had thunderstorms all day.

I like the idea of the dog hoisting its legs on the sculpture.

Odd things overheard at the AWP.

"so what did you do about the lesbians underneath your bed?"

early hours of sky said...

I suggest they send food down to women under the bed---that all can be very tiring.

And Tom you are so lucky you got out before the snow hit.