Saturday, April 14, 2007

It seems it might be my job to introduce our new family members
or at least give you visuals.

They are full of piss and vinegar
And they believe my leg is a climbing pole
And the laptop is a walking path

But they're ours and as with children that seems to be the part which counts.

Plus they’re cute as hell!!!!
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LKD said...

Geez, ONE kitten is a handful.

How in the hell did you end up with 2?

They're cuter than cute.

(of course, kittens always are)

I love your "lifetimes" post above.

Hello, friend. I miss you.

early hours of sky said...

two children produced two kittens...

and I miss you too.

Anne said...

They're adorable! And two kittens are better than one. With a sibling around, they have someone to wrestle with besides your hand. ;)