Saturday, July 21, 2007

from the new book of poems

What one requires
changes with age
not the container nor the contents but joy
sprouts wild, though true
happiness may be forgotten, trampled
by carelessness, but here lies the trick love forgets:
happiness when pressed,
when ground to the flesh,
leaves a scent.

Let us whisper in the dark, directions in which one assembles a life:
start with the beams marked A and B, continue on
with C and D until nothing is left.

What one requires: _____________

Fill in the blank, because if love has done her job,
if she has gone mad with expectations,
leeched the body of desire, nothing is needed.

Directions to disassemble a life

1) start with the heart; do not believe it is a muscle.
2) cut
3) eat


LKD said...

What one does after reading this (gift) poemt:

Claps hands fast fast fast,

does a crazy little dance,

then walks out into the sun with a ridiculously huge smile on the face.

early hours of sky said...

Thank you and I hope all is well with you.

Charles said...

Wonderful to see you back, to hear you again. I can't wait to stumble upon more of this work out in the world, where it belongs.

Radish King said...

Happy birthday Sweetpea.

LKD said...

Are you and yours safe?

I saw the bridge collapse tonight on tv and my mind flew to you and your girls and E.

tom said...

I hope you and your family and friends are well = tom

Radish King said...

me too, worried. let us know you're ok.

LKD said...

I saw E's comment over on C's blog.

2 hours before the collapse? You were crossing that bridge?

My god.

You must be holding your heart in your hand right now.