Friday, December 28, 2007

I have spent much of the day wondering about how to write about hunger. What I find interesting about being a writer is that at times, what is most essential is the most difficult to write.

Take love---no one has really nailed it, for all these hundreds of years in which human beings have been picking up pens no one has even been close to nailing down love. Maybe b/c it is like reflection, changing constantly. We have written about love so much---we are tired of it.

All our words are mundane but what of hunger—in what language do you speak?

I want to read all the books in my house I have never read. Then I want to move on to my lover's books. When I am done I will break into a stranger's house and read what I want there. I will keep going on and on.


Molly said...

You can come and read the books at my house. You'll be here forever. :)

I don't know if I have a list that Carolyn gave us, but I do have a list of authors she recommended I read (she gave it to me while we were in conference together). I can dig that up and send it to you. :)

early hours of sky said...

Thank you and I know I have that list somewhere...maybe I will find it when I clean out and set up my office.

I could always email her but I think she is traveling again.