Sunday, November 30, 2008

strange, strange ride

I’m beginning again. I thought about posting the last eight months in photos and I still might do that but here is a brief overview.

Things that are the same:

Still 5 foot 4
Still in love
Still two amazing, crazy girls I call daughters
Still teaching (though far less)
Still in the same Victorian house, with the same garden, cats, tower and art

Things which are different:
My hair is redder
I’m older
I listen better
I try harder to listen better
I grow eggplant
I went back home to Maine for a bit
I finished a manuscript
I started writing fiction
I won a state arts board grant
I’m judging the Minnesota Book Awards
I applied for $46,000 endowment to write
I won a Loft Mentorship which is a year of intensive writing and reading
I painted a mural on a bus
and far, far more…..


Lyle Daggett said...

You painted a mural on a bus?

What/where/when? Is it still on display on the bus? Do you plan to post a photo to aid interested persons (e.g. myself) in identifying the mural when they see it on the bus?

Nice getting to say hello face to face, brief though it was, this past September at the Loft.

Congratulations on the state arts board grant, and on judging the Minnesota book awards, and on the Loft mentorship...and...

And there's a $46,000 endowment that one can apply for??

Brent Goodman said...

these are great thanks!

early hours of sky said...

Lyle, I was hoping you'd post. It was wonderful meeting you in person and I am sorry I could not talk to you more before teaching that class---it was a crazy day.

I helped paint with my students, the sister's camelot bus. It is a organic food shelf that drives around the city and gives food to anyone who needs it.

I will look for a photo to post. I know I have some at work.

Apply for the Bush grant. It is for writers in the Midwest. It rotates around every two years. If you need help on the ap just email me.

Hope to see you again soon.

And hi Brent, thanks for stopping in:)

Lyle Daggett said...

Okay, yeah, I've heard about Sisters Camelot, many times, though haven't (as far as I know) spotted the bus yet, or maybe just haven't recognized it.

(Makes me think of a moment from the ancient Batman T.V. show, the one with Adam West and every spare "guest star" actor in the business playing the villain each week. In one episode, Batman and Robin go chasing the Riddler into an office building, and they stop at the receptionist's desk, and Batman asks the receptionist (a woman somewhere past 40), "Pardon me, Miss, did you see a man wearing a skintight green suit with black question marks all over it?"

And the woman, with finger on her chin, pauses thoughtfully and says, "Well, now, let me think...")

Although, having lived in Uptown for many years, where people in green suits with black question marks are a dime a dozen, I can understand where she was coming from...

Anyway I'll keep an eye out for the bus.

And okay, the Bush Foundation, yeah I've known about their fellowships for a long time. Haven't ever applied. Thought about it this time, took a look at the application and the website and the rigmarole they want you to go through just to fill out the application, and I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Thanks for the offer of help -- maybe another year.

early hours of sky said...

In Uptown anything can happen

and it usually does:)

The State Arts Board is a lot less of a pain in the butt---if you want to look at that one.

The offer always stands.

tom said...

haven't seen that bus either - but then had not heard of them - when i am in town on a Saturday i volunteer with my daughter and son-in-law at the region one food bank - did the Walk For Hunger out at the MOA on Thanksgiving - i imagine it was the kids had fun painting

uptown, ha ate at the Chino Latino in the summer - not for me - and now Dreamhaven has moved and I'll have to go looking for it