Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Master of my domain

Well the new part time job is a full time job which would be okay if I didn’t teach two other places. If you stop within three feet of me I might make you paint something. I am supposed to be all moved into the new/old house this weekend. I will NOT be moved---said in my best Gandhi voice.

Ideally in a parallel universe I am sending my manuscript off. I am finishing my short story collection. I’m producing new work. I am a writer b/c this is my time and I am not wasting any of it. I am not going to stop, I had a momentum going and I am not going to stop. Unfortunately my parallel universe does not own stamps nor does it take in account children FOLLOW you into the “other dimension” and bang down the door.

The great thing about NOT blogging is that people think you are out writing the next great thing. You are so busy being the next Gertrude Stein that you don’t have time to blog. I am here to tell you in my parallel universe you are right.

Side note: the girls want a kitten. I will only get a kitten if we can call it Gertrude Stein, Celan or Camille Claudel and my girls are holding out for Oreo or Graham. Why am I not the master of my domain????????????????????????????????????


LJCohen said...

Once you have kids, you are never again the master of your domain. I've pretty much given up on that illusion. :) But that door into that other dimension--that I could use.


LKD said...

Gee, when folks aren't blogging, I assume they're out LIVING the next great thing.

Lyle Daggett said...

"Oreo or Graham." Clearly what we have going on here is the Cat Naming Exception to Einstein's theory of parallel universes.

Radish King said...

Jeezelouise, you have to wait unti you get the cat, and then the cat will tell you its name.

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