Monday, August 14, 2006

Sadly do you know how long it takes a group of ten elementary students to tie-dye? Not very long and I have a three hour class of nothing but tie dye this week and they’ve already ruin my shirt and shoes by aiming the dye bottles directly at ME!!!! On the exiting side we are right next to the cardboard city class and Elliot built me a boat. I always wanted a boat of paper. I will ride it home.

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jim said...

I did tie-dying with kids on a large scale this summer. I did two days, two sessions each day with about 20 kids. We did the actually dying outside on long tables covered with plastic and newspapers to absorb the dye overflow. Then the next week, we had tie-dying with daycare groups -- so we had about 50 kids in each session.

It was fun but exhausting -- and only lasted about an hour (max) -- my hands were multi-colored for weeks.