Thursday, January 25, 2007

I’m still ill. I work, I come home, I do laundry and I run the three flights of stairs but I still feel like crap.

When we were D.C. we went to this great exhibit where the artist, Robert Creamer had built a box with this huge flat bed scanner, he then hung flowers as if they were in space and created amazing images. He also collected petals for years, meticulously arranged them for months and then set them on fire for a single photograph.

He talked about how he adapted as an artist. How he changed because of the digital world, how his art became something totally different then what he believed it would be when he first started taking photos. He was not born in the digital age but it was what he was given.

So these are my questions for myself today and thus for you in some way:

How are you willing to adapt as an artist, how willing are you to let your art change from what you once believed it to be?

And what are going to set on fire?


Lyle Daggett said...

I constantly struggle to adapt my poetry to a world in which every new development in technolgy is even more irrelevant to human life than the last one was.

I plan to set computer memories and hard drives and cell phones on fire, and then smash them to pieces on stage. Then I'll read poems to whoever is left in the room.

early hours of sky said...

"when people die they claim they see light, when they go mad, fire."


LKD said...


I'm going to set myself on fire.