Saturday, January 13, 2007

photo- Les Krimns

Salt on the roads melts
the ice. Salt on the heart
hardens it.
That's not
How the Book
Preserves the body.

The bitten tongue
Tastes blood. The tongue
Uttering, utters love.

gregory orr Posted by Picasa


sink sink socks said...

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LKD said...

The photograph is as unsettling as it is riveting.

You probably already know this about Orr but I'd never read his work before the poems you've posted here on your blog, and that link above was the first I clicked on when I went in search of him.

Regarding your post below about Lucy, I've never been able to read her book even though I'd heard about it years ago because I didn't think I was strong enough to deal with someone else's suffering--that specific suffering (self-image). There was a period of time in my life when I couldn't, wouldn't look in any mirror; in public restrooms, I always kept my eyes lowered. At home, brushing my teeth or doing my hair, I'd "allow" myself to see pieces of my face in a cubist/Picasso-esque fashion--an ear lobe, an iris, an eybrow, the upper lip. Never the whole face.

Maybe, after all these years, I'm finally strong enough to read that book.

Thanks for introducing me to Orr. And thanks for reminding me of Lucy.

early hours of sky said...

You are welcome and I think you have a beautiful face!

sink sink socks said...

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