Sunday, November 25, 2007

The house is asleep. The sun is shining and it is late morning and everyone is so tired from all the holiday hooplaa no one will wake which is fine by me—it is the first time I’ve been alone in four days.

1. I have enough leftovers to feed a small village
2. I don’t want to cook but live off saltines and tea
3. I like Katherine Mansfield’s writing far better than Virginia Woolfe
4. I am leaving for Boston in four days
5. I am going to be staying at the Ronald McDonald House (which though tragic seems oddly funny to me)
6. I am horrible with sick people
7. I am a good teacher, friend, mother but no so good with illness
8. I am scared
9. I hate flying
10. The only good parts are fried clams and seeing my sister
11. I want to use the top graphic as the cover of my new book
12. I find out about the big grant on Thursday
13. I will be out of town
14. I miss writing
15. I think we can be a cruel nation that doesn't take care of sick people


Molly said...

11. new book?

Oh, T, I am thinking about you and your family... I know you read Autobio of a Face--did you read Truth & Beauty? Less focus on the illness, more on the manic behavior.

I hope this can be resolved without the pain of LG's narrative... I know it's hard with illness. Just be a sister to your sister and it will be perfect. You are a smart woman; you'll know what to do.

early hours of sky said...

Thanks Molly--I think I needed that
and no, I have not read Truth & Beauty but I am totally addicted to goodreads b/c of you.

burning moon said...

I like Katherine Mansfield's writing far better too.
Virginia Woolfe said Mansfield was the only writer she was ever jealous of.
Mansfield is still so fresh and natural even after all this time. Some of her contemporaries, D.H.Lawrence for example, are sadly dated.