Sunday, November 04, 2007

Yes I know I haven’t been here.

I have a big art show coming up on November 17th at the Northrup King Gallery and I have been driving myself crazy with it. I can’t wait till it is over. I miss writing. I am a far more solitary creature then I once believed.

I’m old now and I need my time.

Did you know yellow jackets bury themselves in the dirt and hibernate for winter?

I found their striped, curled bodies in the flower bed by the north wall and in my brush bag they began to wake and buzz. It was an amazing thing. I held them on my palm, sleepy with cold and they seemed so harmless, so beautiful.


tom said...

How long will the show be up? Is it your show or a group show? We will be in the Cities over Thanksgiving and if we have the time I'd like to see the show. Looks like we go by the area when we come into town from the north.

early hours of sky said...

Tom, the show is up next weekend. If you are in town I will leave you a ticket at the door just email me.