Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poetry Rocks

The Reading world in Minneapolis is amazing right now. The Easter Bunny decided that I get to hear Mary Oliver, Lucille Clifton, Mary Jo Bang, Matthea Harvey and Fanny Howe all read within the next few weeks.

Truth: I am going to a dinner with Ms. Clifton and it will take all my will power to not fall at her feet, ask her to touch my head and make me a poet.

Is greatness transferable?????


jeannine said...

I just bought a ticket to see her when she comes to read in Seattle - I'm in awe as well!

LKD said...

She won't MAKE you a poet.

I'm pretty sure she'd touch your head and say:

You ARE a poet.

I love Lucille. Never had the pleasure of hearing her read--although I did see her on tv, on that Bill Moyers thing, Language of Life, I think it was called, about the Dodge poetry festival. And she DID read that incredible poem about her mother feeding the poems into the furnace, about how they burned like jewels.

Oh, Lucille.

The easter bunny was very good to you, missy.

Molly said...

I'm going to see Mary Oliver too. :) Can't wait. And the others--do you need tickets? I can't remember, but yes, it is a good time for readings.

I replied to your comment on reading on my blog, but I don't know if you are one to go back and check for replies. :) I just said that poetry doesn't count toward IRP pages, but I don't stick to that rule ever, since it's not mine and I'm a rule breaker, and if you are spending time reading Paradise Lost, like my student did, I'm not going to stop her. But I don't count poetry in my pages. I'm not a rule breaker when it comes to me, but for kids, I'll bend 'em a little.

Anonymous said...

come back & touch us with your touched-ness! lucky, lucky!
i feel the bones clicking!