Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have woken up again missing myself which is a rather odd sensation when your body is still in the room.

I’m reading Joe Brainard’s book “I Remember” that E gave me for Valentine’s Day. I have stopped bitchn about flowers because books are so much better.

I’m supposed to be writing a short fiction piece for the mentorship at the Loft. I do adore this year long residency but I wish I had more time. I haven’t really taken advantage of the studio space they given me. I have high expectations and little discipline. I saw at least two manuscripts in my year long future.

I wish there was an alternate life space for napping and writing. I need a whole lifetime for both…oh and reading. Painting. Eating good food and baking things with chocolate chips in them.

I dreamt last night that I was Jane Bond and people were chasing me with guns but I kept do backward somersaults, avoiding all the bullets and I never once felt afraid. I just felt fast and undefeatable.

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