Wednesday, November 23, 2005


… in the mail the biggest check I’ve ever received for writing was in my box

…..I needed to prove it to myself so I took a photo

….I answered “I am a writer” to the man who asked me at the pool

….my daughter said, "now I know why this is beautiful' when I showed her the poem

….in stillness I'm okay and I go on

….I know what we will find


666poetry-finchnot said...

ah / money for writing

you must be doing some thing right
tell me what your secret is ;)

hey t / could you email me / my comp
crashed in sept / & i lost your addy

it would be love lee to hear from you


early hours of sky said...

I left you a message on your site but I cant seem to find your addy. I wish I could blame it on my computer. Mine is:

Radish King said...

happy tg sweetpea

Patry Francis said...

It's a different kind of money--money earned for writing. It's more real than the regular kind.

Congrats and good luck on the NEA grant. If you get it, that check will look very pretty in your photo album.