Sunday, November 20, 2005

growing pains

I spent the day looking at middle schools for Olivia—this fact alone is fricken frightening. I am very drawn to one of the only Montessori middle schools in the country. They have a college writing curriculum, there are guitars in the lunch room for kids to play. It seems wonderful, a bit small but wonderful.

Today Olivia said she had three notes from boys in her backpack who wanted to “date” her. I asked her how this made her feel what she said to them. ”Well I told them I wasn’t ready to date yet. I’m still a kid.”

Please still be a kid I wanted to say, stay a kid for a bit longer. I know I am on borrowed time. Knowing this doesn’t make it easier. True fact: I trust my daughters to grow into beautiful women. Another true fact: I will miss them being beautiful children.

Ahhh, time is our pet until she bites our hand—that is a line from the new book. You know I have to start reading more when I start quoting myself;)

Poetry news: one acceptance…all else is quiet. Please let me get the national endowment grant, dear poetry god. Please let me have more time to write and when the silence comes give me something to write about. Posted by Picasa

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