Saturday, November 05, 2005

those damn boots

I thought at 38, everything odd that was going to happen to me in the pick up area, had already happened but I was wrong. Last night I went dancing, mainly b/c I figured out I’m going to be 40 in a few years, and people in this culture don’t dance after 40 unless they are at a wedding or mentally insane in the street.

In Haiti we dance all the time, everyone dances, it doesn’t even involve a disco ball and bad music. So last night we went dancing at the retro bar, and it was true that most people looked about 12 but I have wonderful friends, who are beautiful gay boys, who can dance and keep the riff raff away from me---except of course when I want the riff raff.

So anyway I go to pee, and I was just debating in my head the possibilities of catching a disease, thinking of the two doctors I know, Peter and C.D. and wondering, why don’t they ever post bar bathroom safety on their blogs???? When the person next to me starts to complain about the door not shutting and I (being way too witty after two cosmos) say, “well why do think I picked this bathroom?” We begin talking (I know boys don’t do this but sometimes girls do.) Anyway all of a sudden this chick’s head comes under the stall,
peaks up at me and ASKS ME OUT.

Needless to say this really throws me off, mainly because a) diseases are still in my head and b) at any given age, having someone face down by your ankles while you are trying to pee is disconcerting. I'd like to lie here, say I said something intelligent, like do you really WANT this to be the first place we meet? But I was thrown off, mumbled and prayed to god the head would suck itself back to the other side. I blame it all on the boots. I am only wearing them to church from now on.


Anne said...

Oh dear god. This made me laugh so hard it scared the cats!

P.S. You are allowed to dance after 40. Hell, you're even allowed to go to loud punk concerts and stand in the front row bouncing up and down and making big googly eyes at the singer after 40. I should know... ;)

Radish King said...
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Patry Francis said...

My cats are asleep, but I laughed loud enough to scare myself.

Anyway, once I hit forty, I felt the need to dance more than ever...but then again, I may fall into the "insane in the street" category.

Pris said...

To have been a fly on the stall wall lol...hey, you have to check out the post on my blog with the women all painted on the walls above the urinals in a loo in NZ :-)

early hours of sky said...

Okay I did not NEED any more ppl in my bathroom even flies. And dear cats of bloggers, please forgive me for pain this post has caused.

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