Friday, December 09, 2005

I painted with my students today. I talked to them about Impressionist Painters. I talked to them about Van Gogh. What do you feel when you look at this? I told my students to find the thing they loved in life, the place where time stops, that is what they should be, that is what they should do.

I told my most talented pupil, “this is beautiful, it is a safe and beautiful and someday the paint with tell you to do more, to risk AND it may not be as beautiful and when you’re ready, you will listen to it. I could tell you to put leaves, here and here. I could tell you to take risks but you must decide. Do you understand what I am saying to you?”

R. has told me all session she cannot paint. I told her, she needed to give me three classes without saying this to me. Three classes, without negative self speak. Three classes and I will give you the jewel that is in my pocket.

Today she painted Monet’s haystacks. Today she did the best painting in the class. She took chances, she trusted the paint. R. held her dry brush, her wet brush, she said, Teresa I think my other art teacher is an ass (at school) he always told me I couldn’t do this. We do not say ass in my classroom but there are some exceptions.

Van Gogh was a great painter b/c he understood loneliness, he understood it to such a depth that we can feel it on canvas. He is the most mass produced artist that has ever lived and even in that, there is loss. It is not the truth. Look at his paintings. Look.

What is the one thing you can do without question? I will give you the rock in my pocket. I will give you the jewel. Posted by Picasa


LJCohen said...

T--she is very lucky to have you as a teacher.


Artichoke Heart said...

You are so amazing. I want to be your art student. I want you to show me how to trust the paint.

Radish King said...

Poets are a dime a dozen. Great teachers are a thing of rare beauty. And teaching is such a difficult and underappreciated art.

gina said...

Oh I wish I could learn to paint with you. And to teach, dear jewel.

Lyle Daggett said...

Yes -- to take risks. The most essential, almost the only thing, in the end.

This is just beautiful, what you're teaching your students. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

gingerivers said...

Love, what you can do is to love.