Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yesterday Morning: Starring me as the Mom and Olivia as the Daughter

Me: Did you tell your teacher I am not coming in today.

Olivia: Yes.

Me: Did you tell her I was busy.

Olivia: No.

(these one word conversations can go on for hours)

Me: What did you tell her?

Olivia: I told you were writing?

Me: Ohhhh (surprised and delighted)

Olivia: I told her lost a big contest last week and if you didn’t write now, you’d never write again, and then there would never be books, you’d cry….


Olivia: Yes.

Me: Well that's a bit dramatic. (thinking of reasons not to kill my child.)

Olivia: Well it is YOU, mom.

and this ends the never ending tale, proving once more that no one can NAIL YOU like your own child.

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