Sunday, December 25, 2005

They were up at 7 am, my little wonders. This is a year of first: Olivia shoveled for two weeks to get enough money to buy everyone their own gifts. It was very cool. I now have lotion that makes me smell like cinnamon cookies. Oddly, it’s incredibly sexy.

My favorite thing though was Bella’s note cards in purple crayon…I hope you love your prosite. I read it about five times thinking she was trying to spell prostitute. Thus the whole present time was filled with Merry, Merry prostitute and if you need help with your Christmas prostitute. Please yell. I saved each and every note so when she grows old I can sell them back to her.

We the Girls Of Wonder and Light, wish you a very Merry Christmas.
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Artichoke Heart said...

The three of you are, unequivocably, the most fabulous possible Girls of Wonder and Light! Merry, merry prostitute to you, and I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Anne said...

"Merry merry prostitute" certainly gives a whole new meaning to the HO HO HO thing. :) Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful girls!

Emily Lloyd said...

Wow, how wonderful for (and of) Livi. I remember the first time I bought presents for my mom with my own money...I was so excited (and very, very choosy)'s a big deal. Congratulations, Olivia! Sounds like you did a great job finding a fabulous present for your mom. Merry Christmas to you & the little one. And to you, T.

(It was a first for my family this year, too--the first year my 26-yr-old brother wrapped our presents instead of just shoving Best Buy bags at us.)