Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Rehabilitation

I’m in a Valentine rehabilitation program. I have in the past hated this holiday, even when I was married, even when I was in love, my body spurns the traditional. I want to wear black and empty all the glitter shoe boxes –I know I need help.

Today I want to tell you that rose water is an antiseptic, it will cleanse the body of infection and if poured on an open wound it will hurt like hell. It other cultures, the bride is bathed in rose water for purity before her wedding night and rose quartz is one of the rarest of all stones. It is something I carry in my pocket until the day I am ready to give it away. Someday I think I might be; we will see how the rehabilitation goes.

Rose hip tea is good for blood sugar, and if you want your roses to bloom again you must cut them right below the bud line—at a slant. I have roses from my grandmother. I have roses that only grow by the sea but somehow they have forgiven me for planting them here.

I am putting rose water on my wrists today. I am forgiving myself for what I cannot control and letting go of what I need to. I hope you are doing the same.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

My mother told me rose hips were an excellent source of vitamin C.

early hours of sky said...

She was right!!!! Mothers are always right;)