Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I am reading a book about bats. A serious book about bats which explains how they hold their young, how one wing wraps around another when they are cold; the males and females switch roles at random and the bats have to be a certain temperature to reproduce.

To hunt, the bat listens to the rhythm of its prey; it hears the moth’s flutter, the grasshopper’s song and to adapt the prey changes it’s music to confuse the hunter.

I understand this.

Mating occurs by listening, to the one who bears the beats closest to your own and this is how they find each other when there is nothing else. But how do they know the difference, of what to eat or what to love?

This I’m not sure I understand. Posted by Picasa


Artichoke Heart said...

Bats are amazing. I love them. Although I'm sure I don't understand how they know what to eat or wht to love. Nor am I ever entirely clear on whether I'm to be eaten or loved. Hee.

LKD said...

Happy new year to you, dear T.

And to your dear E.

May your new year together be full of laughter and love.

Suzanne said...

Happy New Year!

tom said...

happy new year!

enjoy that snow

heard you got a few inchs

early hours of sky said...

Lee I have EXACTLY the same problem:)

Miss Laurel K Dodge, we are having a brilliant new year. I think this might be a good one. Hope all is well.

Suzanne, Happy New Year to you and hug that baby.

Tom, six inches and beautiful!

Artichoke Heart said...

Happy new year to you and E., and the beautiful, beautiful girls!