Saturday, December 23, 2006

We are in D.C. for the holidays. Yesterday we went to the air and space museum and purchased enough astronaut ice cream to last us at least one trip around the moon.

I have seen beautiful art.

Bella’s quote for the day “I wish these places (the museum) would only tell me about things I don’t know—the rest is boring.”

We haven’t seen the president. I haven’t been alone for more than five minutes at a time but we are here and my girls are happy.

Wishing you all peace or at least help in the pursuit of it—happy holiday.


Ivy said...

Happy holidays! :-)

early hours of sky said...

to you too Ivy

Artichoke Heart said...

Yes! Happy Holidays to you, and E, and the girls!!

early hours of sky said...

You too Lee and those wonderful cats. Eat lots of cheesecake.