Thursday, December 07, 2006

I have become boring. I have become boring and old and I think it has something to do with Olivia almost surpassing me in height but I’m not sure.

Next week I am on a panel to decide grant money for writers, which is always fun; it is Santa like, and hell there’s a catered lunch. Problem is I have read all the proposals and there are some poetry book titles I know I won’t be able to keep a straight face through.

(Em says I CANT post them here.)

But for example:
I Wish I Had Eyes Like Yours Van Gogh

Would you keep a straight face?

I’m not being vain or mean but I dont think the general public understands what horrible things you can call both children and books. I once had a kid in my class named Mister. Imagine that poor boy’s life.

Side note: I thought “Asleep Inside an Old Guitar” was a brilliant title and if Eduardo doesn’t take it back I might be tempted to give it to the Van Gogh dude.


Radish King said...

When I was on the panel of judges for the Poetry On The Buses competition in Seattle, we had over 2000 submissions. One of the poems, and only one, has stayed with me. It had the memorable line

from a mustard seed the might oak grows.

And the writer was dead serious.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

That title is mine!

But you can tell the Van Gogh dude that "Asleep Inside an Old Tuba" is up for grabs.

early hours of sky said...

Ahhhh I would NEVER give it to anyone but I want to read the beautiful book someday!!!!

And Ms. Loudon I bought you a wonderful Christmas present yesterday.

666poetry-finchnot said...

hi teresa / seems like
a long time / / /

i can't think of any bad titles
per se / but / /

oh judging poetry can be painful
& funny all at the same time

i had a woman send in a series of
writing "dealing with" being sexually abused by her father / it
was quite graphic / & stomach churning /ugh /

the work i'm sure was cathartic
but not some thing i really wanted to publish in a local publication
& probably / once she had some time & distance from the work / i'm sure the woman was glad it wasn't published / /

i find choosing titles for bodies of work to be very stressful

i've complete lee stopped submitting for almost 2 years now / / on & off line / / that too is / far too stress ful / the rejection kills me

lol / i think i should find some thing else to do w/my time / besides writing

any ways t / i hope you are well
we are amid winter ill ness / the on slaught of xmas / lost in the dark days / / geez i hope this pass es soon


take care sweet friend


early hours of sky said...

hey finchy,

once everyone is well, break your streak and send more stuff out. Rejection ISN'T the worst thing. Honestly.

Hope all is well and hug all those kids.