Sunday, September 16, 2007

I keep checking my own blog to see if I’ve posted anything new. I don’t know what form of mental illness that is but I have it.

Tomorrow painters will come to change the color of the house. People keep telling me I will feel good once it is done but I keep thinking E, the girls and I could travel the whole world TWICE with what I’m paying painters.

And I know I have the skill but something about being three stories off the ground, hanging from the tower makes E’s face turn all red, when I suggest that I paint it by myself.

Our house is huge. It is on steroids and it was this teal blue color before I was married, before babies, before I believe I ever doubted myself. Now it is peeling blue, the magenta looks pink and I’m not quite sure I can see it any other color inside my head.

But I want to.....


Molly said...

Dear Teresa,

I have been reading your old posts and loving them. This means you stink because I have a distance learning course I need to complete in less than two months and have about a dozen lessons to go. I will only forgive you once you have your book published. So get going.

Molly :)

Molly said...

PS: I can procrastinate like the best of 'em.

early hours of sky said...

so can I

that is why I dont have the damn book published:)

Molly said...

You will though!!

Pamela said...

What colors are you painting your house? I have a quad-colored Queen Anne which is not huge but is painted up like a true hussy (actual quote from my neighbor!)--yellow, sea green, goatsbeard gold, and, yep, hussy purple.

early hours of sky said...


I just saw your post.

We tried yellow, then we tried sage green. Now we are at cobalt blue, with a smokey white and a sky blue. We are hooked.

It is a giant hussy indeed!