Saturday, September 08, 2007

There was interview once with the woman (I don’t remember who) and she was talking about her husband who was a famous chef and she said, there are times when it seems easier to move out than to clean our kitchen.

I feel exactly like that today. I made a list of all I need to do today while E is at a writing workshop and I decided just to leave---go to the farmers market, eat fresh cheese with tomatoes on the porch and read while the house, literally falls down around us. (there’s a pile of old siding on front lawn the size of my car and the house smell more like the cats than the people who live inside the house.)

But I won’t see it and I wont care.

It would BE easier to move!
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Molly said...

Your partner writes too? What is that like? I've always wondered about that... how Ryan is not a writer, which is both a relief and a frustration. His career is very unsimilar to my own, making it tricky for me to help him understand why certain things are so important to me. The person I was with before him understood--this person used to tell me, when we made our relationship more permanent, I'd get a writing loft, a place to escape, because I'd be crazy writing at home. I'm glad I ended up with Ryan instead, because that old relationship was a little... um, crazy, but I do miss that sentiment!