Monday, September 10, 2007

Things I would NOT allow if I was the editor of The Best American Poetry

dead people
fuck as a noun
real famous poets who could write ANYTHING, even on toilet paper and have it published
titles that are longer than the poem
any poem with the word Sappho in it
Greek heroes
Trojan Wars
Dionysus poems
All God poems with total denial of god as the ending line
Poems about a poem
in the style of or after so and so who is a far better poet than the poet writing the poem
poems about why it is hard to be a writer
literary theory in the actual poem
poems for a cat, even a dead cat
poems that are trying to be political by using the words bush and war in a couplet
Guantanamo Bay as a location poem
poems which begin with the word ZOOKS!


Molly said...


I've never been a very big fan of The Best of American Poetry series... I want to be, but I always get annoyed.

Lyle Daggett said...

What? Not even a mention of Sappho?

I'm with you on all the others, though.

LoveandSalt said...

"Fuck" as a noun. You are so right!

But can't we make an exception on the cat poem taboo?

LJCohen said...

ROFL. Now I have to write a poem with all of these elements. And dedicate it to you. :)

Hope you and the girls are well. If you're ever in the neighborhood, give a holler!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!