Thursday, March 26, 2009

“I want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees”

We are all off to Washington D.C. tomorrow—that is if we can pack and actually make the plane. Vacations are too much work. Vacations to visit ones family or family in law should really be called something else. I adore E’s family. I’m just not ready for them.

Ready would be having clean clothes to wear. Ready would be having children packed with thus clean clothes and ready would also mean being relaxed and not having to take piles of work with you because your boss doesn’t truly understand the meaning of “famcation”.

I want to see trees in bloom. I want to look at amazing art. I want to lie in bed with the one I love while grandparents feed my kids pancakes. But right now, I’d also settle for a clean pair of jeans.


Delia Psyche said...

Jeans don't need washing. I never wash my jeans--or throw them away. If you ever see an empty pair of jeans walking around, chances are it used to contain me.

nisha said...

loved the way you explained things. Much better many here
mba said...

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