Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. It was almost 40 here in Minnesota which is like 60 in other parts of the world. People were out jogging, wearing shorts and I swear to god I smelt Barbeque. We went to our favorite Salvage place that we haven’t been to in about six months and dug through all the furniture and junk and ended up buying an old church window frame that Em says is for the wall and I say is for the garden. My garden deserves beauty damn it.

We also go this really funky dresser for our bedroom which will hold all the clothes that the Clothes Whore posses. Well maybe. She really is a clothes whore.

I’m over my funk of facebook and looking up certain people from middle school and comparing my life and publications. It was short lived but it was painful.

We also went to see Rachel’s Wedding after drinking several pitchers of beer. Light beer. So really a half of glass of real beer and it was brilliant. The movie not the beer. I want that wedding minus the drama. I want the music. I will take the friends but not the little black dog with the spangles around his desk. I do have my limits.

I also went to the book store and got:

For Relief of Unbearable Urges by Nathan Englander for a buck
Gilead by Marilynee Robinson which I started a year ago and somehow lost under my bed…2 bucks
At the Bottom of the River by Jamaica Kincaid….three bucks but so worth it
Oranges are not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson…I love buck day
Moby Dick…I working on my bbc list. I swear to god I will get that whale
and Digging To America by Anne Tyler which was 6 bucks and I could see E’s eyes bulge slightly when I walked out with a bag of books but hey it was topical outside and this is what I do.


LKD said...
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LKD said...


Let's try this again.

Maybe this time without errors and typos.

Hope springs eternal.

Hope's a bitch.

But this is what I tried to say:

Did you by any chance read yesterday's (March 14th) poem on Verse Daily?

It's called "Winter" by Kristin Bock.

I read it last night before I went to bed and it conjured the image and essence of you and Em as I imagine you together, that it was almost as if you or Em, or both of you had written the poem.

LKD said...



The poem is called Wintering.

I told ya hope's a bitch.

tom said...

Just got back from the Cities. It was 60 in Ashland WI when we drove through. Still a lot of ice and snow here in the Keweenaw. I thought of you when I was at Dick Blick's yesterday. So, I thought I would stop bye and see is you were keeping the blog up. Glad to see you are. What bookstore to you go to? I've been to a couple of Half Price Books and another used bookstore in Uptown. Looks like I'll be hauling boxes and furniture to the west side - My daughter and son-in-law are buying a house. Long drives - short visits. But spring does seem to be on its way.

Lyle Daggett said...

I sure like it when it gets topical outside. (What was the topic?)

Even nicer out today here. But I guess you already know that...

early hours of sky said...

Ahhh, Laurel I LOVE the poem though it should be noted that you have high romantic notions for Em and I, considering most nights she falls asleep at 8:30 and we are so busy raising kids and working that we hardly see each other. But love, yes and I guess that’s the part that counts. Thank you for giving me the poem tonight. It was a good gift.

Tom, I go to Half Price in Highland Park because they have a giant dollar room and that is where I found the signed Jamacia Kincaid and the Louise Gluck chapter book so I keep thinking I’ll strike gold again. Check out Bookhouse by the U of M. It is the best bookstore in the cities where you take one book off the shelf and there are seven behind that. It is amazing.

Lyle, next time I am at the Loft and you are at the Loft, I want us to stop and have coffee downstairs and actually get to talk and not be pulled away from damn teaching which I don’t remember being any fun anyway. It is beautiful out. We have had fires every night here for the last three. My daughters are living on marshmallows and crackers. It is nice to taste Spring. said...

Your poem affected life?! Yes, you can share your lovely poem and its great "after story" with the world... Submit now on