Thursday, January 03, 2008

I actually sent out two submissions today

I’ve also spent the day working on my National Endowment Application which one might say is an early start, since it is not due until March but considering it is my half done application from two years ago when poetry was in the running---I’m not sure you’d call me an early bird;)
Fellowships I would apply for if I was you and not me (two children, a love and a full time job)

But no, I think I am going to go here (an hour from my house) and dream.


Molly said...

:) You can visit me too. I'll show you the secret treasures of Red Wing.

early hours of sky said...

does it involve vodka...I'd like to see the secret treasures that involve strong drink;)

tom said...

I just was reading about the Anderson center and was thinking about telling my daughter who is in the MFA program at MSU-Mankato about it.

As a side note - the Everest in St. Paul has good food.

I am sorry I wasn't able to get to the see the show in November. We ended up in Mankato instead of the Cities for Thanksgiving. Late change.