Monday, January 21, 2008

I’ve spent all day virtual planning our trip to San Francisco. God bless the age of computers. I know I’ve been before but E hasn’t and there is so much I want to show her, places I want to go, art to look at, food to eat.

Plus we are going to be there for Chinese New Year, which I know the locals avoid like the plague but hell, there is fireworks, dragons and little kids with fans. Plus all the dead farm animals hanging in the windows---I love Chinatown.

Meanwhile back in Minnesota, it is “get out and doing something week” but considering it is 4 degrees I am not sure what exactly one is suppose to DO besides freeze your ass off.

Yes, I felt guilty when I looked out the window and saw ppl. ice skating on the lake but I feel warm and guilty and I can live with that!


Radish King said...

My favorite part about New Year's in Chinatown SF is that you can buy flowers so cheap. I bought an entire bread sack full of gardenias for $5 a couple years ago from a street vendor, and put them on all the maids' carts in the hotel. Giving someone a flower on New Years brings them luck.


early hours of sky said...

I think there should be someone employed by the federal government who randomly walks up to people and gives them flowers. I think it would cut the suicide rate in half besides being a really cool job.

I wonder if I can write a grant for that?

Oh and I promise to give some stranger gardenias just for you---then we can share the luck.