Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I’ve been reading some wonderful writing lately. It’s amazing what happens when you give up your need for sleep. Gluck’s October is brilliant, did I mention I bought it for two bucks? Best buy ever! I've read it about 16 times and I still think there’s a secret language I might be able to discern if I keep reading it again and again.

death cannot harm me
More than you have harmed me,
My beloved life.

If I was going to have a tombstone, I might put those lines on there but alas, I’m donating my body to science, to be cut up in small pieces and held in glass jars. The word specimen REALLY appeals to me.

Other great books I’ve read: Rae Armantrout’s Next Life and Jeanette Winterson’s The World and Other Places.

Rae Armantrout…and I wish I had written it….
Come close.

The crowd is made of
little gods

and there is still
no heaven


Radish King said...

Hey, is that Winterson's new book? I can't believe I missed one of hers.

Molly said...

I wish I were brave enough to have my body donated, but I think I'll end up getting cremated instead.


early hours of sky said...

Yeah chick beana, I told you on your block I'd mail you a copy if you dont have one already--have you stopped reading Radish King too? *snort*

Oh Molly dear, ya don't need to be brave--your dead:)

LKD said...

Gluck's October IS brilliant.

As is the frost on your window.

And the piece, the memory, the memoriam you wrote about the boy.

The body is like an animal; it doesn't know that it's going to die.

The body is blissfully ignorant of its own mortality.

What I wouldn't give to be a tiger.

One moment you're alive, the next minute you're not. Without a single instant of mortal clinging.

Your piece about the boy made me cry. Thank you for that.