Monday, December 22, 2008

Beginning of Cannibalism

We were quiet with our mouths full of words—
the three of us, carbon copies of the other
growing lighter, the younger

a pale outline of the elder.

Our father would serve tongue
wrapped in bacon or plain
salted with a bit of grease.

It was the knowledge of eating
a part of the body we possessed.

The nubs of our tongue
rubbing against the nubs
of the familiar--

Beginning of cannibalism.
No tribe, no order.

Each of us trapped
no matter how similar,

we could be devoured by the other.


Ani said...

My goodness, what a powerful farkin poem! I was completely swallowed whole into it.

You are still here! Hello Treeeeza! And Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful daughters!



early hours of sky said...

hey you!!!!

What a wonderful surprise. How is married life. I miss you. Where are you in the world.

Write to me....