Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love living in the city.

Yesterday at Home Depot I went to buy a tree. Yes, I know it is pitiful to buy your tree at Home Depot but Bella and I had 15 minutes before we had to be home and it is right by school. Besides those farm stands with can music and people who work really hard to make you feel like you are in the country and not, “standing in a parking lot in the snow”, freak me out!

Anyway Bella got her hot dog…another great thing about Home Depot and the only person I could find to help me with the tree was a three foot Somalia woman who ensured me that she could indeed handle an eight foot tree.

Okay, so at one point the woman is standing in full head dress with a welder’s mask over her head and a chain saw, swearing at the tree in Somalian. Bella’s hot dog is hanging out of her mouth and I’m going through basic first aid blood splattering response in my head, do you try to attach the arm back on or tie it off with tree rope.”

When Bella turns to me and says, this is the best Christmas tree EVER!!!!!

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LKD said...

Merry Christmas, friend, to you, and E and the girls and your kitty cats.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday.

(My mother used to look for excuses to go to Home Depot just to get one of those damned hot dogs. I'm not kidding.)