Sunday, December 07, 2008

It was the biggest, craziest weekend ever! I had my reading at the Loft on Friday and because it was here in Minneapolis, there were a great many friends and family. People who don’t usually go to readings, who threatened to bring foam fingers and yell loudly when I was called on stage.

It was a blast. I wore my new, funky, motorcycle boots and I just read b/c I love poetry and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. Did I mention it was really, really fun????

Last night the non-profit I work for had a huge art fundraiser at a fancy, dancy museum so I had to be there at 8 in the morning to hang art with about ten other people who had never hung an art show and it was HORRID. You know that great reading high that lasts about three days? Well, they sucked it out in about an hour. What a waste of good writing buzz.

Em and I were at the show till midnight, we hardly raised any money and it was like watching the titanic sink into the sea---a slow and painful death and no one is leaving the boat as it goes down.

My weekend is gone and I plan on reading all the yellow books on my shelf because they look happier. I might also go walk around the track at the gym. I stress ate about 20 chocolate strawberries while I watched the ship sink.

In any crisis, I am always well fed.


tom said...

glad the reading went well! Do you think the fund raiser was a bust because of the economy?

early hours of sky said...

I think it was a bust b/c of many things...

timing, art is something you buy for yourself generally and it is almost Christmas. The best time to hold an art fundraiser is after ppl get their tax refunds b/c it is considered extra money.

bidding...ppl like biding wars and this was not a silent auction, ppl could just buy straight out.

and many, many reasons but I might be boring the crap out of you so I will stop:)

tom said...

actually - no
we have a group here Keweenaw Krayons that does a lot to bring art to kids among other things - as grant money has slowly dried up they have had to turn to other fun raising methods - they usually use the silent auction for art sales -
but at another time of year - now you are competing with all of the church bazaars and craft fairs.

LKD said...

Take a picture of your motorcycle mama boots. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

I love motorcycle boots. I've always wanted a pair.

I was elated to hear how good your reading went...and then, man, did you ever suck the wind out of those sails with the suck-ass news about the fund raiser. I'm sorry your high bottomed out, honey.

Seriously, the motorcycle mama boots. A photo. Pretty please?

LKD said...

Oh, uh...doh!

I should've added:

Take a photo of your kickass (ass-kickin') boots and POST that photo on your blog.

Motorcycle boots and leather jackets, the really beaten up ones, have always been 2 of my greatest weaknesses.

Molly said...

You're back! I should have been checking more regularly. :) So good to "hear" your voice again.