Monday, December 29, 2008

In 27 days I will be here

E and I are leaving for Mexico at the end of January. I believe it has become sort of an obsession for me---maybe because it is 20 below zero most days in Minnesota, maybe because we, the two of us alone just get to sit back and listen to the ocean.

Yesterday I saw the sun. I gathered the children and made them bundle up to go sledding in the park across the street. We live on a sledding hill and on a good night you can hear the people like birds sighing in ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh speeding down the hill.

Yesterday was not a good night. I fell straight on my back and gave myself a slight concussion. We saw a child run straight into a tree and knock himself out. It was incredibly icy. I herded the children back inside and nursed all my wounds.

Dreaming some days is a bit safer than living.


Suzanne said...

Happy New Year!

Peter said...

O that looks so inviting! Have a great trip.

Lyle Daggett said...

And ouch! You be careful on that ice out there. (Me, it's baby steps from now till the end of April.)

early hours of sky said...

Suzanne, Happy New Year to you!

So nice to see you Peter, Em and I keep talking about a trip out your way. It is a secret plan just to see your garden.

Lyle, yes my head finally feels like the rock band has stopped playing. I feel like I should wear skates just to get my mail.

LoveandSalt said...

careful on that ice eugene!

Radish King said...

Wear a helmet until you get to Mexico.
Rebecca said...

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