Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to work after two weeks of not being at work, in which time various people tried to call me and ask me work related crap which really does not add to the “vacation feel”. Today my boss, told me to cut my total program budget by 30% which if you take into account she has never given me any actual dollar number to make a program, it was pretty easily done. Invisible numbers are so easy to divide.

Looks like we are painting on cardboard people---

Art non profits are closing all over the place in Minneapolis or at least cutting the salaries to hourly wage. It should be an interesting year. In other news, Rock Bottom Brewery has named a beer after my school and has picked up one of my student’s designs as the logo. How cool is that?

I get to announce the beer at a Brewery Opening and take the first swig. Yep, in my school teachers drink beer after work.


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