Thursday, January 01, 2009

May the year be good

I’m not a big fan on New Year’s Day. It feels like everyone is trying to figure out how to live their lives differently or setting a numerical goal which will be forgotten by the 5th of January. I admire the intent but the expectations of change weigh on me.

Last night we had a quietly little party with good friends and the children. One of our friends toast was to a better year which of course made me think about last year at this time. How I had just returned from the hospital and the cancer ward. How we didn’t know if Nicole would live or die.

Now my niece is walking and talking. Whoever does not support stem cell research is an idiot. Each year leads to the next and it is this string of beads and if I regret or try to remove even a single one it will all unravel.

Sometimes the only thing the past tell us, is that is no longer the future.

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