Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It is possible that my job is trying to kill me before I go on vacation. I had an awful day---I ended up quitting in tears today but I’m the Director so no one believed me or they didn’t have any idea what to do next. Either way, I have never cried at work before in my life but I feel sucked dry of everything and I just want to sit somewhere and write books and never talk to people.

True fact: I don’t like people on a full time basis.

Side note: the quote from this weekend that I wanted to write down was from the wedding I attended in Chicago…..”Here is the body of Christ and its gluten free.” It is the title of my next poem, short story, play or resignation letter.

(Happy news that didn't happen today because today sucked): E bought a 99 cent pocket size copy of cocktails for idiots to take to Mexico and I am going to work my way from A to Z.

I can't wait to walk up to the bar and order "A Red Headed Slut."

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