Thursday, July 28, 2005

for my birthday Posted by Picasa


LKD said...

Hopper? If not, god, the solidity of that light is very Hopperesque. I'm a fool for Hopper. I'd sell my soul to own one. Or to be in one. I'd love to be that woman in that Hopper painting standing naked in that wedge of light.

Listen, I looked at that painting and wrote this almost instantly. I don't have anything to give you for your birthday except my friendship. And this poem:


A door thrown
wide open. Wider

than open. A wedge
of light, yellow

and solid. An edge
where the house ends

and air and ocean
begin. Inviting.

So, go. Walk
into that wall

of gold. Step
over that threshold

and fall
off that edge. You are

Icarus now. You are
wings, spread.

early hours of sky said...

that was perfect and the best present. Well that and sushi. Thank you chicka beana.

Ana Bozicevic-Bowling said...

Hey, Happy Birthday...

Anne said...

Happy happy birthday -- may this be a year filled with light.