Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yes that is Lily Tomlin and Kevin Kline with my children. Their father has been taking them to the shoot. Now both the girls want to be stars, have little trailers and cell phones and white dogs with sparkles. Lord help me. All literature is lost.
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666poetry-finchnot said...

movie stars eh?

we have a simular thing going on
only it's "pop stars"

those trailers are nice . . .

hey hope you are well t
been so long since we talked

my summer is long long long

no vacation for mothers / @ least
not this one

i finished my script /finally
/ it's bound / &
ready to be mailed on monday / of
course the last possible moment
to mail it / / it feels really good

so perhaps there is completion
some times / lol

wish me 'break a leg'

talk to you soon t


Suzanne said...

T, your girls are beautiful; they radiate happiness. :-)

early hours of sky said...

S-Now picture them running around at 90mph screaming “mahaaaaaaaaaaaw, she’s touching me.” Happy yes, controlled no.

J-I am so happy about the script. I am keeping everything crossed.

Anne said...

What a great picture. And I adore Lily Tomlin. *sigh*

Charles said...


early hours of sky said...

Anne, yes I was sooo jealous...
and Charlie cute and wild. What more could you want?