Thursday, July 14, 2005

My favorite t-shirt ever

Good Girls Journal Bad Girls Don’t Have Time

that pretty much sums up my absence from the blog world, which I apologize for. The new issue of Pleiades has been one of my favorite journals to read ever. I love the first three poems by Marie Hummel so much, her conversions with god. I have “Theory of Wrists” memorized and my favorite line Even the heart can hold a nail better than this. Well that is my line. Look for poems by Jeff Bahr and G.C Waldrep. God I love reading people’s new work when it is good. I love it when their voice surprises me.

So I am offering a brand new spanking copy of Pleiades to the first person who can tell me what poem this line is from “it became all things because it was all lost” or something like that. It is about a boy losing his leg and I memorized it in fifth grade and now can’t find the poem. I want to find the poem. Oh and if you already have Pleiades, we will think of another prize. Maybe a t-shirt;)


Emily Lloyd said...
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Ani said...

Forget quizzes and remember me in Thailand woman! Send ME that copy! What is wrong with you for not thinking of that? Hmm? lol
Love you,
but seriously, do send me a book!
you know my addy here or do I need to e-mail it again?

early hours of sky said...

Yes my dear you get the book for free b/c you have sent me an elephant;) luckily I have three copies. When are you coming to the states? I am going to be home in August, are you?