Friday, July 22, 2005

Today I read Rukeyser’s words:

I want to speak in my voice!
I want to speak in my real voice!

This street leads into the white wind
I am not yet ready to go there.
Not in my real voice.

The river. Do you know where the river springs?
The river issues from a tall man,
From his real voice.

Do you know where the river is flowing?
The river flows into a singing woman,
In her real voice.

I realized today I am the singing woman. There is no need to look any further. At my new job this week the biggest issue was the question: What can I invent that lets me play baseball by myself? And I am proud to say that nine yr. old K and I produced a catapult so powerful that it matches most fast pitches, granted we almost broke a window, but these are the small prices one must pay for art.

K’s question got me thinking about what I want from my poetry, how I must continue to listen to my real voice. I had lost my way there for a while but I think I am back or at least on the right path. To play baseball alone, one must first empty the room, only then is it possible to see what you can build.

ps. Miss Suzanne I got the best baby hat all packed up and ready to go you today. Please email me your address.


Suzanne said...

T, thank you for this post! It was exactly what I needed to read today. Let's stay true, O.K.?

And Baby, you've got mail--xo

early hours of sky said...

Now Bella wants a baby since you know we have a hat;)

loveandsalt said...

(re: baby hat) T-- Be careful you don't bring home a saddle.

early hours of sky said...

hell I'd rather have a horse;)