Sunday, April 06, 2008

Alex’s reading was really fun last night. Milkweed hosted it in a place, where you actually have to walk through a bowling alley to get to the theatre. This strongly appeals to me. A friend opened with guitar and was amazing; music, good food, and a full house of over a hundred of people who came to hear Alex Lemon read---not a bad way to begin your second book.

Milkweed is having an open reading for poetry in June. Come one, come all. Out of the six books up for the Minnesota book award, they had I believe five. They are a press to watch, not to mention they have the good beer at their parties.

But where oh where, are the female editors of small presses, does anyone know??????

In other news, Spring lasted a total of 48 hours in Minnesota and then promptly hauled its ass inside and shut the door. Today Em and I are supposed to do our taxes but it is 10 in the morning and still black night outside. I think the coyote urine caused an eclipse in our front yard---not to mention the fact that it didn’t work at all!


LoveandSalt said...

"Milkweed is having an open reading..." Do you mean they are reading manuscripts?
love, C

early hours of sky said...

yep that is what I mean;)