Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Okay so I suck at a poem a day and I’ve turned in my poet badge and my secret de-coder ring. I know I can’t be in the club so I’m starting my own with a top-secret handshake and you don’t have to write anything unless you want to. Swing to your own drum. Play with sticks.

On Friday I went to see the wonderful Lee Ann Roripaugh read and then we went out for dumplings and Saturday we went out for sushi. It was a high holiday weekend. And this weekend looks to be more of the same. Ms. Fannie Howe is coming to my town, along with Mary Jo Bang & Mathea Harvey, they will be at the Loft this Friday in Minneapolis at 7 p.m.

I will be the girl in the audience drinking beer, because at the last reading I found out that if you go to the coffee shop and bitch the manger brings you out one from the "back room". I will also be the girl, next to the girl who is trying to sneak my beer because she never, ever buys her own!

Side note: at my feet right now ----- a purple mermaid, a monkey, pink bunny ears and a panda. The cats are fornicating again with Bella’s stuffed animals and it is oh so very wrong!!!


Radish King said...

Ahh, the nature of cats.

Molly said...

I want to be the secretary of your club. Then I can write about secrets.

I will be the girl next to the girl with the beer and the sipping beer girl and I don't think I'll drink beer because I always want a second and a third and I can't be my own designated driver. :)

Artichoke Heart said...

OMG, that was fun hanging out with you and the sipping beer girl! Now I am longing to come back to see all the girls with beers and sips and non-sips. XOXO!

early hours of sky said...

dearest, I think our evil genius cats should hang out together:)

and Molly, I will see you tomorrow even if you are not drinking beer.

Lee--yes, yes and yes. Please come back. I even know MORE good places to eat.

Molly said...

OK, this is how knee-jerk stupid I am: I thought I was being made fun of up there until I realized Lee really *did* come to the Twin Cities.

Get better, T. I want to see you tonight. :)

early hours of sky said...

Hey Molly, it was great to see you at the reading last night, wasn't it wonderful?

Molly said...

It was so good, T. Ryan and I agreed we loved Matthea the most--she was so charming and humble and clever and kind. I saw you chatting with her afterwards. :) I need to be less shy, I think. So, when are we going to bump into each other again?

early hours of sky said...

She was wonderful. You should came out with us afterwards. Are you planning on going to Clifton?