Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Poetry month sucks

It seems I write short poems b/c that’s my way of cheating and getting it done and it still gives me time to watch trash TV before I sleep. Pitiful I know. E has challenged me to write a ghazal which will really suck b/c I have to show her I can do it and I don’t think I will be able to pull it out of my ass—maybe those should be my closing lines. Ass rhymes with so many things:)

Really there should be a list when you fall in love, things you won’t ever be asked to do! I don’t mind weird sex play but who the hell thought of ghazals!!!!!

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Radish King said...

My poems are getting shorter and shorter and this is only day 3. But no one is telling me what to do. Which is good because a killing spree sounds way more fun than a ghazal.