Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blessed art thou, woman at the door,
empty bed. Ringless
finger, blue Mary.
May I call you virgin?
Sleeping wonder. Dark
hall. May I call you?

Light. May I alter. You
woman. Wrecked.
May I.

Did you ever think I’d give up____to write a decent poem ? I am having one of those evenings. I saw the movie Capote tonight and it was good. Lots of people are calling it brilliant. I was in love with Harper Lee through out the whole movie. I wanted to follow her around the theatre: please teach me how to write a good book. Please.

Unfortunately she did not follow me home. Sometimes I think, what was great about literature, has already been done. Someone told me today if I was going to be serious about this business, to stop pissing around. Be a serious writer.

I have no idea what that means.
I am sure it has something to do with Harper Lee.


Artichoke Heart said...

Sometimes I think I'd give up everything just to write a decent poem . . . a better poem. Sometimes I think I've already given up far too much. Because that's the thing, it's never a guaranteed trade. It's all a huge risk. Like love, I suppose.

Patry Francis said...

H.L. had such presence in the movie. I couldn't help wondering why her book only happened once.