Sunday, January 22, 2006

ring, ring....

If you want something literary go to Eduardo’s blog. He’s been posting great links lately, great places to submit. I’ve been following him around. If you are looking for something that has nothing to do with literature, keep reading.

I have a new phone. My old phone and I had an understanding. I treated it like crap and it still loved me. I washed it three times, once I caught it spinning around in the gentle cycle and saved it; another time it made it to the dryer. Last week I drove into my driveway and heard ringing UNDER the car. It was my phone—it found me. And of course because it has been loved well it cannot actually hold a charge for more than a few hours and as any good lover, dealing with charge and uncharged—I moved on.

My new phone and I, also have an understanding---its way too good for me. It can take my picture and simultaneously call itself. It has a mini computer which can down load my email. (I have no idea how to do this) and it can recognize my voice in a crowd. I don’t know about you, but something that can actually hear me in a crowd that A) I haven’t given birth to or B) slept with---scares the shit of me. Come to think of it, I slept with my X-husband and he still can’t hear me in a crowd!

I have no idea how to answer it. If I hide the phone in my purse it shuts itself off. I’m actually avoiding intimacy by placing it as far away from me as possible. I don’t trust myself. I am the washer, dryer girl. I know I cant live up to its expectations .

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