Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's time for 2006 Split Rock Preview which not only offers wonderful writing classes but painting and fiber arts as well. I am taking the poetry class with Tess Gallagher (I’m going to ask her if I can ride her horse.) I actually woke up the cat with my small shrieks when I realized she was teaching. There’s also another poetry class with Bob Hicok but I don’t think he has a horse….

Plus the good news is, if your not a stalker-- we can a have beer and a fire in my back yard because it's ten minutes from my house.

And if you’re Suzanne Frischkorn, you get a free, red-cross certified 12 year old babysitter to watch Emily and Jack and if you are NOT her, well I’m very sorry but we are picky about babies in our house.


Anne said...

I loved Split Rock the year that I went. (I had a workshop with Kate Green.) If I weren't so dead-set on going to Provincetown this year, I'd be seriously thinking about Split Rock! Alas, I can only do one...

Suzanne said...

We are SO there. Send me directions. ;-)


early hours of sky said...

Anne they have really good scholarships which pay for everything, you should at least apply and see what happens.

And Suzanne, I am totally serious and Liv is wonderful with kids. Apply. Apply.

Anne said...

The scholarships are a good idea, but I don't think that will give me an extra week of vacation time from work. :)

Suzanne, you should definitely go! Split Rock is a blast. At least, it was back in 1990 or whenever it was that I went. (Wow, has it really been that long?)

Suzanne said...

You've inspired me--I bookmarked the site! xo

steve mueske said...

I'll be taking one of those two classes -- probably leaning toward Hicok, though. I love Split Rock -- it's the highlight of my year.


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