Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Am The One In Whose Mouth Is A Nest

And if you open your hands,
place them together as a cup, pour
your word like water into the hollow
of my own hand, which resemble more of a bowl.
If the shape of our want, forms the curve
rounded edge then darling, logic
is the spoon. Desire, a handle.


Ivy said...


I'm digging it.

michi said...

hello there! found my way here via szuanne's blog - it's been a long time since we both posted at the same forums. i'll put a link on my blog site and stop by here more often. take care, michi (the one from vienna, from the old blueline etc days)

early hours of sky said...

Hey michi how are you? How is Vienna? Glad you found your way here.